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Women’s Day 2022 at The London School

Flowers filled the streets for people to buy, from single wrapped roses to bouquets of over 20 roses ranging from a variety of different colors. Children bought flowers for their mothers, students for their teachers, and husbands for their wives.

The London School, Campus 5, was in high spirit as the students arrived greeting the staff and wishing them a happy Women’s Day. With flowers in hand, the students waited in the classroom for their teachers, unaware that the school had prepared a gift of their own for the students.

Hand-made picture frames were stitched together to give to the mothers of the students. With a colorful card inside the frames, the students were tasked with creating a card to be placed inside the frames. Once presented with the trinket, the students were overjoyed with the idea and got to making the cards. A few students even asked for extra papers to make one for their female teachers.

The international holiday ended with smiles on everyone’s faces. The students left the school eager to gift their parents the hand-made picture frames while the staff stayed behind to enjoy the cake gifted to them by the board of directors.

Happy International Women’s Day

Wu Hui Ping

Academic Teacher

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