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Tri Ân Thầy Cô – Henry Lê Thanh Hải


CLASS: LP10B02C- The London School- Campus 10.

 I’m a new student at the London School. I’ve studied here for 6 months. At the London School, I study with lots of teachers, including Mrs. Dy, Miss Yen, Miss Tien, Miss Nguyen, Miss Ly and so on. They’re all very joyful and friendly. My head teacher, Miss Yen, is also very serious and kind. She often shouts at me because I always make mistakes in my writing but she just does that to help me become better at English. I’m very happy when she teaches me and I hope that she’ll teach me forever.

At London school, there are also lots of fun events that I usually join in on. In my class, there’re 8 students: Ben, Eric, John, Alice, Angela, Liy, Alice and me. On Saturday and Sunday , we study with native teachers. Our native teachers are a lot of fun and very smart. You can also practice KET, PET, IELTS to help you to get good marks. I think I was right to choose this school to improve my English. If you come to the London school, you will improve all 4 skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You will make progress every single day.

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