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Hello everyone!

My name is Bobby. I’m studying at the London school, Campus 7. After going through the unique experience of the LONDON’S TALENT CONTEST 2023, I am very proud of myself! I didn’t even think that I could be qualified enough to enter the London’s Talent Contest – it was unbelievable!

First, every student in various campuses will have 3 IQ tests which take 3 weeks. Second, the best students from each campus will be chosen for the contest. Third, the contestants will have a rehearsal which was an unofficial one, and the contestants would get to know what it’s like to be in a talent contest.  Finally, the official contest will begin after a few days and that was the moment when the best prizes were given. I got a consolation prize, but I am still very proud and happy. At least, I tried all my best and gained lots of precious experience. I am going to try harder in the next contest as I love to achieve more.

Bobby Bui Duy Hung – LP14A01C

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