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My wonderful experience at the London school

My name is Kiet, everyone usually calls me Bill. I have been studying English at the London School Campus 03 for more than 4 years now.

I started studying here from ‘Teen’ levels to IELTS levels. The slogan “100% NATIVE TEACHERS” impressed me when I was on my way home. I asked my parents to sign up for me to take the entrance exam. The manager welcomed us with her best service. She was nice, friendly, and polite. I passed the exam and took the teen courses. Since then, I have had more opportunities to study and improve my English.

 The Cambridge textbooks have been helping me improve my English ability, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.  Now that I am learning IELTS in level 8, I am confident that I can use my English for my daily communication with my family and friends. I love the classroom environment, there are not too many students in a class which makes it easier for us to focus on the lesson. The native teachers are so professional with their accents and teaching style. The class managers are so helpful and friendly. My class manager has been with me since day one. He has been motivating me, encouraging me, assisting me throughout my years on this campus.

After 4 years, I have remarkably improved and developed my English. It is all thanks to my class manager and the native teachers in this school. I have been chosen to attend the ‘English Specialised Class’ in Tran Dai Nghia Specialised High School. I took the IELTS examination in Oct 2020. My overall band score is 8.0. I was so happy and excited because I have finally achieved my goal band. However, I am very certain that I will be able to achieve a higher band, which is 8.5 – 9.0.

I would like to sincerely say “Thank you” to all the staff and faculty in this campus because if it were not thanks to them, I would not be able to improve and develop my English this noticeably. I am deeply thankful for the opportunities they gave me.

Lam Cao Kiet

Grade 9, Tran Dai Nghia Specialised High School

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