The London School - The Cambridge Way

Học Viên Nguyễn Phan Tú Anh Ann


Have you ever thought of studying at the London School? If yes, let me tell you some interesting information about this school as well as my real experiences.

I’ve been studying here for about 6 months and I feel like everything is great! First of all, the facilities; they’re very clean, modern. The main colours of the school are red and white. How professional they look!

Next, the activities. There’s plenty of exciting activities every month. One of them is the festival. My school usually organises some special festivals such as the Tet festival, Christmas, Halloween and so on. I really like the decorations of the school whenever we have a festival to celebrate because they are all hand-made. They can make ornaments from paper, carton boxes or plastic glasses.

Last but not least, the teachers and the study program. All of the teachers are friendly. They always take good care of their students. The study program is great, too. In our class, we have more than one hour to study with native teachers and we sometimes have speaking lessons that are very exciting. I love studying at the London School!

Student’s name: Nguyen Phan Tu Anh Ann

Class: LP13A05C

Class Manager: Ms Tran Thi Diem Trang

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