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Dear everyone!

I really looked forward to taking part in the children’s day event for some simple reasons. Before the event, I’d seen so many drawings about Children’s Day, which is my favorite event of the year. I would love to take some pictures of these drawings because the staff have already prepared them so professionally. Many nice pictures about this event really caught my attention. The atmosphere was very cozy since all of the teachers took part in giving children candies and some gifts in order to motivate them to study harder.

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Children’s Day is the most meaningful event for students to gather and share their summer plans as well as their hobbies with their classmates. Children could get their own candies and then take some beautiful photos to retain this fond memory.

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The atmosphere during the children’s day was very interesting because children could spend their time together talking about their summer plans.

After this special day for children, I am looking forward to celebrating this same event again next year because it’s given me a wonderful chance to have some fun time and see their joyful laughter.

The London School will surely celebrate Children’s Day again as it not only gives both children and teachers time to get together, but also gives some great opportunities for children to improve their English skills.

With love,

Tran Dang Khoa

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