The London School - The Cambridge Way


Full name:  Ken Lê Hoàng

 Class: IL0607C

One month has passed, but I am still filled with joy, excitement, and even some slight nervousness. Everything has just been as fresh as it was an hour ago. After a month and half preparing the presentation for the London’s Talent Contest 2023, we were fully prepared to deal with the pressure of being on stage and having a speech among hundreds of people. And luckily, we overcame our greatest fear to gain enough confidence to finish our journey which was highlighted with many nights of team working to meet the deadlines, with months of waiting and fixing the slides, and days of rehearsal. And at the end, for all the effort we have made, our presentation on “How to get into international universities in Vietnam” had gained the 1st place! The feeling of being in the spotlight is great. I could see the slight smile from competitors after their performance and all the cheers and applause from the audience. Personally, it is a major milestone marking my 10-year journey of learning English.

After this, I will still have to study English to get better by days and I would love to offer many thanks to all of the English teachers, especially Ms. Hạnh, who has accompanied us from the start of “the adventure” at the London School – campus 08; and also my best regard for my teammates: Tom, Sunny and Lisa. You’re all great people I’ve ever met.

“ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END” and we have had many unforgettable memories throughout this event. I will not have much time left studying at this school, but I will never forget the way my teachers and friends called me by the familiar name “Ken Lê Hoàng”.

Thank you for all!!!

From Ken with love! ♥♥♥

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