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Hi everyone, my name is Tom Bành Kiến Hưng, I’m a student at London school, campus 03.

During my study here, the school has organised so many exciting events where students can participate. One of the most impressive events has to be the London’s Talent Contest that I participated a few weeks ago. It is the kind of event that helps students discover their talents. It is always a happy and memorable moment to remember.

I took part in the Story Telling contest. It was organised in the month of June in a very big stage. The story that we picked was “The Lion King”. I played the role of the one that opens and ends our performance, which carried lots of weight to be honest.

On that day, our teachers asked us to put on some makeup at home and then come to school. We all then went to the backstage. The event began after the parents took their seats. Then, the MC announced on the stage that the story – ‘The Lion King’ would begin. The story began and before I got a hold of myself, I was standing in the middle of stage, right in the center of the spotlight. I then started our part and spoke my dialogues. When I came back, my teacher patted my back and said that he loved my performance. We were then given the refreshments at the backstage.

We were then announced that we had won the second place, which turned out to be a real surprise. After the final song performance, a photograph was clicked of all the participants on stage. In the end, the MC congratulated the students and the teachers who were in charge. After that, we all went to meet our parents. I introduced my parents to my teachers.

Honestly speaking, before this event, the fact of coming on stage and gave such a performance had never crossed my mind. I never knew I was capable of doing that. Competitions like this gave students like me an opportunity to discover our potential, to actually use our English. I have become much more confident after that. It was such a wonderful event. I will cherish it forever.

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